Security Tips for Residential Property

Burglaries are an unfortunate reality all across Connecticut, even in relatively safe areas such as Bristol. Improving your home security has many benefits, including ensuring your valuables are protected and potentially lowering your insurance payments. Home security enhancement doesn’t have to be expensive when you turn to a reliable professional locksmith company, such as Bristol Master Locksmith. Taking proactive steps to ensure your home security is the best it can be is one of the most vital aspects of being a homeowner.

It doesn’t take much for an experienced, determined criminal to break into your home. It may only take minutes for a burglar to get in and get out—with your valuables in tow. No one wants to experience a break-in, which not only robs you of your belongings but also of your sense of security. By eliminating as many vulnerabilities in your home’s protection as possible, you’ll greatly reduce the risk of a break-in or other criminal activity. A professional, experienced locksmith company is your best bet when it comes to any form of lock, key, and security upgrades.

Basic Home Security Tips

Ensure all locks are in proper working order. A lock is only as good as its ability to keep out unwanted intruders. Locks wear down over time and need to be replaced. If you have difficulty getting your key inside the lock or notice that it sticks, you should consider having it replaced. It’s also a good idea to have your locks rekeyed or replaced when you move to a new house if you’re unsure about extra copies of your keys floating around.

Install deadbolts on every exterior door. Deadbolts are an affordable way to greatly advance your home’s security. All of your home’s exterior doors, other than sliding glass and patio doors, should be outfitted with deadbolt locks. Make sure they are in proper working order. Single-cylinder deadbolts are the most common type of deadbolt found on residential doors.

Secure your patio and sliding glass doors. These vulnerable access points often go overlooked when it comes to sufficient locks. Even if you’re religious about locking your back door, these locks may be insufficient to protect your home. Unfortunately, many criminals take advantage of poorly protected patio and sliding glass doors to gain entry to homes. Adding an extra lock to the top or bottom of your sliding glass or patio door is an inexpensive way to eliminate the vulnerability of these entrances.

Have a professional security inspection. You can do a lot to improve your security, but you still may miss vulnerabilities that are leaving your home at risk of invasion or attack. A professional locksmith can come to your home, perform a thorough on-site inspection of your windows and doors, and point out any vulnerabilities that may exist in your security. Then they can recommend options for eliminating these holes in your home’s defense.

Make sure you have enough lighting. Crime thrives in secrecy and shadow, and criminals looking for a house to target often choose one that is poorly lit and set apart from its neighbors. Make sure you install low energy consumption LED bulbs in all of your exterior light fixtures and keep them on at night and when you’re away. Replace any burnt out bulbs immediate. Consider installing motion-activated lights for any areas that have heavy shadow.

Eliminate places to hide. Overgrown bushes and other greenery can create concealed areas around your windows and doors that criminals can take advantage of so they can break in without anyone seeing them. Take a walk around your property and ensure that if you have any bushes or shrubs up close to your home that you keep them well pruned.

Advanced Solutions for Home Protection

Keypad Locks: Keypad locks are available in push-button and electronic forms. Electronic locks in particular make locking and unlocking your doors convenient and easy. If you frequently misplace or forget your keys, you may want to consider replacing your door locks with keypad locks. A qualified residential locksmith can affordably replace your manual door locks with keypad locks. The homeowner can usually change the pin number whenever they want to, which allows you the ability to create temporary passwords if you have workers or visitors to your home.

Alarm Systems: Having an alarm system installed on your property is a major step that requires careful consideration, but many homeowners find that having an alarm system greatly increases their peace of mind. If you wish to have an alarm system installed at your residence, research your options as far as providers before you commit to one company. If you don’t want to go as far as installing a total home alarm system, you can a have simple door alarms installed on specific doors that will go off if the door is opened without authorization.

Smart Locks: Smart locks are the latest innovation in home security and allow you to keep your home safe no matter where you are currently located. With smart locks, not only do you use your smartphone to lock and unlock your door, but you can monitor the status of your locks using an app from anywhere around the world. Some smart locks also have built-in camera and alarm features for added security. While smart locks are more expensive than traditional locks, many homeowners find they are well worth the peace of mind they offer.

Surveillance Cameras: Surveillance camera technology has come a long way in recent years, and now there are many styles and sizes that you can find to suit your needs. Whether you want an entire system of surveillance cameras set up around your property or just one camera to view your front door, you can find the perfect solution. You can find motion-activated cameras that will only turn on when they detect motion in their field of vision. In addition, you can even find cameras equipped with smart technology which allows you to view them from anywhere in the world using your smartphone.

With so many choices when it comes to home security, it can be overwhelming to decide which ones may be right for you. A locksmith can be the perfect solution when you need professional advice to better protect your Bristol, CT home.

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