4 Signs Better Home Security is Needed

Owning a home is no small investment. One of the primary tasks that homeowners face, along with the never-ending list of home improvement projects, is how to handle their home security. While you may be on top of your home security most of the time, there are several signs to look for that should warn you that better home security is needed.

Below you will find a list of the top 4 signs to look for that indicate that your home security may be at risk. Luckily, with some preventative measures, you can help keep your household secure year-round.

#1 – Your Home Locks are Worn Out

Home locks are often the first line of defense we have against home invasions and robberies. Most homeowners use deadbolt locks as their primary way of protecting their homes. Deadbolt locks are highly secure but come with a limited lifespan. Most deadbolt locks will only last around five to seven years at the most.

It is important to be aware of how long your locks have been around and to replace them when necessary. If you are unsure how long your locks may have been on your doors or whether or not they should be replaced anytime soon, make sure to call a locksmith for an inspection.

#2 – Crime is Increasing in Your Area

While no one likes the idea or fact that crime is increasing, in many areas it is. Even certain seasons, like the hot heat of the summertime, can cause peaceful neighborhoods to suddenly buzz with criminal activity. You should be on alert if any robberies or break-ins happen in your neighborhood and take the proper precautions.

Always remember to lock your doors during the day and at night. Even though some individuals will still reminisce on the days when home doors could be left unlocked 24-hours a day, that is no longer the kind of world we live in. Keeping your home doors locked 24/7 is a must if you want to keep your home and loved ones protected.

#3- Your Home is Dark or Secluded

Proper lighting is one of the most important features you can have on your home in order to deter criminals. If a porch light has recently burned out or you have an absence of outdoor lighting, it is time to invest in new bulbs or lighting fixtures. Most homeowners choose to install floodlights in addition to porch lights. Floodlights are great because they typically run on motion-detection technology and will only shine when movement is detected.

#4 – You Frequently Leave on Trips or Vacations

If you are away from your home for extended periods of time for work trips or vacations, it is a good idea to halt any mail or newspaper service you may receive. Criminals look for signs that homeowners are absent and a stack of mail in the mailbox or newspapers at the end of one’s driveway are dead giveaways that you are not home.

In addition to taking care of your mail and newspapers, it is always a good idea to limit how much you relay your vacation plans to those that follow you on social media. Especially if you have public social media accounts, it can be easy for criminals to determine where you live and exactly when you will be gone. Avoid giving exact dates on public forums or making it apparent that your home will be empty in your absence.

How to Increase Your Home Security Now

  • Invest in Electronic Locks

Electronic deadbolts and smart locks are becoming increasingly popular as technology becomes ever more intertwined with our daily lives. Electronic locks are more expensive than deadbolts and other kinds of traditional locks, but they are undoubtedly more secure. If you can invest in upgraded home security measures of any kind, it is always a wise idea to do so. You may want to consider home alarm systems, security cameras, or a complete home security system that can combine electronic locks with cameras and home alarms.

  • Securely Lock Windows, Fences, and Your Garage

Just like your front, back, and side doors, you should make sure to secure all of your windows, as well as any alternative entrances. Fences, gates, and garages should all be locked properly. These can be easy spots for criminals to utilize to gain access to your home or property.

  • Purchase a Home Safe

Home safes are a great option for homeowners that want to increase their home security. They are so effective that some insurance companies will offer homeowners discounts for using home safes. Home safes come in a wide variety of styles and sizes. For the majority of homeowners, they are a worthwhile investment that can last a lifetime.

  • Hire a Locksmith for a Consultation

Hiring a professional locksmith to take a look at your property is another great way you can increase your home security. Having an expert assess and advise you on where improvements can be made is the most direct way to receive personalized home security suggestions that will benefit you the most.

Need Property Security Assistance in Bristol?

You do not have to tackle your home security concerns on your own. If you live in the Bristol, CT area and need a professional consultation or assistance with any kind of home security project, contact our locksmiths at Bristol Master Locksmith. Homeowners and residents in Bristol love working with our experts because of our commitment to high-quality installations, affordable repairs, and superior customer service. You will always be in good hands when you choose to work with our experts.

In addition to our home locksmithing and security services, we also offer a wide range of emergencycommercial, and automotive lock and key services. Give us a call now to discuss your current security concerns or to schedule an appointment with our experts ASAP. We offer same-day, next day, and emergency appointment times to accommodate your needs. Work with Bristol Master Locksmith today!

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